The WELL Building Standard was the world's first standard to be exclusively focused on the contribution of buildings to our health and wellness. It is developed by the International WELL Building institute and is available in more than 30 countries.

How to win WELL points with ISOVER ?

WELL v2 concept Contribution of ISOVER solutions to WELL features Possible points


Air quality
Enhanced air quality
Microbe and mold control

5 points

Thermal comfort

Thermal performance
Verified thermal comfort

3 points

Maximum sound level
Sound barriers
Reverberation time
Sound reducing surfaces

10 points

Materials restriction
VOC restrictions
Materials transparency
Waste management

8 points

Innovate WELL
10 points


Our contribution per concept


To ensure the air quality in the building is optimized and will not harm the health of occupants



Our solutions are in compliance with existing standards to reduce sources of pollutants in the indoor environment. In some countries, we can provide solutions that contribute to enhanced air quality, thus improving the performance of occupants indoors.

Thermal comfort

To promote occupant productivity and ensure a maximum level of thermal comfort.


Thermal comfort can be achieved by applying very high resistance thermal insulation to all room surfaces, combined with ventilation adapted to the season, doors and shutters, perfect airtightness to avoid unwanted air input and the building’s good thermal inertia.
ISOVER’s range of high performance insulation solutions is constantly being developed with new and innovative products and systems that take the science of insulation to a new level, to guarantee optimum thermal comfort all year round.


To improve acoustic comfort through identification and mitigation of the sound parameters


ISOVER's lightweight mineral wool solutions provides outstanding acoustic benefits. Sound comfort can also be improved considerably by paying careful attention to heating and ventilation systems, and can be achieved when using ducts made of reinforced mineral wool such as ISOVER CLIMAVER®.


To ensure materials used at every lifecycle stage of the building will not harm the health of occupants 



Our products families such as glass wool, stone wool, ultimate, wood fiber and foams are free from asbestos, lead polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and mercury.
The majority of ISOVER insulation solutions are tested by third parties such as Eurofins, Greenguard (USA), Blue Angel (Germany), RTS M1 (Finland) and the mandatory products labeling in France. These tests prove that ISOVER products meet the requirement regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Reducing VOCs in our products is a constant topic in our innovation roadmaps. 


To support innovative solutions and strategies to improve health and wellbeing indoors.



Research and innovation into green building are at the heart of our strategy. Our efforts focus both on breakthrough innovations and on continuous improvements.